Is Google On Our Side?

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Like most companies who try and strike a balance between providing free services and making a profit, Google often finds itself chasing it’s own tail or do they? Is there method to their madness? My opinion is yes.

For all Google’s grand research and development of it’s famed algorithm, basically all they have succeeded in doing with all their famed animal updates is to deliver more and more irrelevant results to their users across many, many industries.

Is this by design? Or accidental? I’ll let you draw your own conclusion but consider this…

Have you ever wondered what happens after one of these Google updates when hundreds of thousands of small to medium sized businesses lose their rankings and along with them a lot of their traffic and ultimately.. their leads and sales?

Many will try to make it up by buying more adwords traffic. Who wins? The folks using google to search for a small business or google? You can follow the cash trail all the way back to Matt Cutts and Company.

I just read a couple of posts about what Matt Cutts says sites should do about meta tags of all things. Puhhhh-lease people.. stop chasing Google’s tail.. Test, Test, Test and then do what works for you and your business. Forget the rest!

Just my 2 cents but my advice to you whether you are a business owner or an SEO providing services to business owners is to Stop Chasing and Start Testing!

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