Google… Delivering Results Or Just Grabbing Cash?

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ben-1Google and Matt Cutts seem to get more and more bizarre and out of touch with the reality of their famed algorithm with each passing day.

The problem I have with all this nonsense is that Google has now created a situation where websites can be tanked and are being tanked left and right by competitors playing the Google link game and many clients are reading and believing the crap being spewed by Cutts and others including some high profile SEO blogs leaving many business owners with a bad taste in their mouths and no traffic to show for their sites.

This makes it harder and harder for guys like me who have been doing this successfully for a very long time to convince new clients that SEO really is the way to go. I can show you the money but first I have to be given the opportunity. And as an aside for all your disavow tool folks out there disavowing links and begging for Master Google’s forgiveness, you are all out of your minds. You are aware that even if Google spreads it massive wings and strums the golden harp and declares you clean and just, you WILL not rank in competitive markets without building more links. It’s that simple. Just wanted to throw that in. Mews Flash: Links matter and they still work as well as they ever did.

In my opinion, Google is desperately trying to eliminate the SEO industry so folks who want traffic will have no choice but to buy it through adwords. Even though by doing so, they continue to mess up their own results pages. They can try and swerve everyone with the whole “deliver better results to the user” BS but that doesn’t fly with me and here’s why.

Do some searches on your own and look at the first page of results and then ask yourself are these really the top results for my search? 8 times out of 10, I think you’ll probably answer no so if the goal is to deliver the best results to the end user then Google is failing miserably.

My advice to SEO’s, businesses and website owners remains the same. Tune out all of the nonsense spewed by Cutts, Google and the SEO Gurus and just start testing what you do. It really is that simple to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

No matter what you hear or read, link building works just as well today as it did 10 years ago. It’s just the formula that has changed. And by formula I mean the types of links, anchor texts # of links, etc.

Ranking sites and grabbing FREE organic traffic continues to offer businesses in all markets and niches the largest ROI of any marketing investment they can make. PERIOD.

If you want to get beyond all the noise about SEO, call me today and I will deliver results for your business. 866.287.5182.

Here is the article that incited my rant. =)

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